The School Placement

About Smart School Placement

Smart Foundation’s outreach of services has expanded to serve the requests of schools and professional candidates from across the nation. With each new season, comes a rededication by us to distinguish itself from other agencies by knowing its clients (candidates and schools) and providing each with the highest level of personalised service possible.

School Services


    Individual attention and support for teachers, administrators and schools.
    Thorough assessment of credentials
    Established network of candidates.
    Focused commitment of successful matches.


    Huge database for searches for heads of schools.
    Huge database for mid level administrators, department heads and teachers
    Established network of candidates.
    Huge database for non teaching staff as well.

Placement Team

Once you are a Smart Foundation Candidate, you will be assigned a placement counsellor based on your area of interest. We assign your primary counsellor based on your area of interest. We work closely together to find the positions for you.

Position Listing

Schools that work with Smart Foundation are given the following options:

  List Open Positions:

We always welcome position listings from any independent/charter school. We must have a Placement Service Agreement on the file to list positions. That agreement is to pay a placement fee – upon hiring a candidate first referred by Smart Foundation – of 8.33% of the first year salary and an additional 2% of the first year’s salary if the compensation includes housing.

  Comprehensive Listing:

Schools list over 1500 positions in all subject areas and administrative fields each year with Smart Foundation. With a wide, diverse pool of candidates we are able to meet each school’s particular needs

  On Line Delivery:

An efficient and responsive internet delivery system provides schools with referrals for their positions. Email notifications alert schools that credentials are “waiting” for online viewing. Fax, email attachment, and traditional mail are also available to schools when reviewing candidate materials.

  Personal Connection:

We take great care to know both our schools and our candidates. Our professionals regularly make on campus visits to stay current with programs and offerings at joining schools. In reviewing candidates we thoroughly examine all credentials to determine the match for a school’s need. Often we have interviewed the candidate prior to making a referral. We bring our candidates and schools together for job interviews.

We provide candidates with

    Search advice and counsel
    Resume and comment evaluation
    Job positioning for improvement
    School Information
    Conversations with our professionals
    Instantaneous notification of referrals through emails

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to become a candidate?

A Bachelors/ Masters degree is required, advanced degrees are preferred. We welcome students graduating from college, experienced teachers and administrators, those looking to return to school work after time away, and people wanting to enter a school profession after having been in the corporate world.

How do I update my registration file?

Please send any new or updated materials as either word or pdf attachments to

What does it cost to become a candidate?

Rs. 500 life time registration fee at the time when you are first called for any interview.

When should I apply?

Candidates are encouraged to apply at the start of a new academic session.

How will I be notified of any referrals?

As soon as a referral has been made on your behalf you will receive an email notification with information about the position, school and whom to contact

How should I follow-up a referral?

If you are interested in the position, you need to visit our office on the designated date and time. Your personal counsellor will help you with all required information and will prepare you to face the interview. Do not call the school. If you are not interested in the position, please notify our office.

What else should I know about working with Smart Foundation?

Keep us posted on your current status, interviews scheduled and outcomes. If you secure a position, we will notify you over the phone or mail.