Identity Card

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Our Appeal: - The accumulated fund from supply of the student identity card shall be utilized for the development of "Smart Free Coaching Center" for under-privileged students.Many schools are implementing ID card programs to address concerns about safety, efficiency and convenience.Smart Foundation is registered charitable organization established with a vision to impart free education along with the relevant study material for the under privileged students in the society.
Our “Free Smart Coaching Centre” provides educational support to many under-privileged students those who are in formal schools. These children are mostly first generation learners and from poor family, their parents are not able to guide them properly in their studies. They gradually loose interest from their studies and ultimately stop attending schools. Apart from providing education backup, children get to spend some quality time in the centre, which is much better than loitering around aimlessly in the community.
Identity card is an important card which is very essential card to be carried out nowadays. ID card not only helps for the instant information about the person but also a proof that the particular person is associated with the particular organization. Implementing student identification cards is a simple security for busy instituting policies that all adults – staff, teachers and visitors-must wear a visible photo id card at all times. Visitors are also required to check in, and are issued a temporary plastic “visitor badge”
Students should have photo ID card to prove their student status on and off campus. On campus, cards verify that young people who are on the grounds are currently enrolled in the school and they have legitimate access to school transportation and to campus buildings.
Student card is printed directly on the plastic and cannot be remove or altered without destroying card.A high quality card with a clear a photo of the student can be used as a “Flash Pass “to be shown to faculty or security personnel upon demand. Many schools also include holographic overlays and other security features on their cards to guard against fraud. Benefits of Identity Card:

    Incorporate modern techniques for managing the school
    Regular Attendance.
    Personal Photocopying.
    Entrance to athletic facilities, such as the weight and the pool.
    Entrance sporting events held at school.
    Creates a sense of school spirits.
    Increases disciplines within the school premises.