About Donation

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. “ – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
“School Management Academy for Research & Training Foundation” known as SMART FOUNDATION is a school management services based in India. We help and manage various schools with our dedicated team to achieve the benchmark in school education. Our endeavour is always to get the school under us to strive and achieve the best school tag in the society. We cover almost all aspects in school management like incorporating modern techniques for school management, upgrade the knowledge and skills of the educators, cutting edge knowledge of proactive work plans, promoting growth and help the school to achieve its target and developing in house school management system.


Our Organisation is always striving to provide quality education to each and every student from the socio economic backward classes and under privileged children. To bring out the best in each and every student, we are launching “Smart Scholarship Programme” for the meritorious students in the field of sports and academics. These scholarships will be provided to individual students excelling in the field of sports and academics on yearly basis. The scholarship will include helping the student in getting admitted to good colleges/institutions, paying their admission fees and also providing a monthly expenditure to sustain their studies /sports. The funding of the scholarship programme will be strictly awarded to students who will excel in their respective fields of sports and academics. Students will be strictly selected on merit basis and nominated students will be from the socio economic backward class or underprivileged children. Nominations and recommendations will be made by the respective school authorities and our panel will decide on the student who will be given the scholarship.


In order to support the “Smart Scholarship Program” with students of merit, we are also running free coaching classes for all students from the socio backward class and under privileged children. These will be called “Smart Free Classes”. There will be no fees taken from the students joining the classes. The teachers will be recruited by “Smart Foundation” after proper screening and thorough recruitment process. The students will be from various schools and studying from class 7 to class 10. They will be provided free coaching classes in science and English. In order to evaluate, the free coaching classes, there will be evaluation of the students from time to time.


To generate funds for the “Smart Scholarship Programme” and “Smart Free Classes”, we call upon all students studying in various schools, to collect funds and donate generously for the cause of the same. We would also like the school authorities, to actively encourage the program among their students. There is no fixed amount that anyone can donate. We will be providing a form and money receipt where in the each students will collect donation amount and write down the name of the donor and their contact number and amount given. He/she will hand over the money receipt to the respective donor. In order to recognise, student’s effort, “Smart Foundation” will provide students with certificates, badges etc. We also have kept a trophy for each school to recognise the student with the highest collection. This trophy will be awarded by the school principal in the school assembly in front of the whole school. This will act as a huge morale boost for the student who has collected the highest amount.


    501-1000:Badge and Certificate
    1001- 2500:Cap, Badge and Certificate
    2501 -5000:Momento, cap, badge and certificate
    5001 and Above:Trophy, Certificate, badge and cap
    Highest Collector:Trophy, certificate, badge, T shirt