How to Start a school or University?

Starting A Private School or University Needs The Guidance Of Professionals With Experience Starting and Leading Sustainable Indian Private Schools

Smart Foundation is the premier educational and management consultancy specializing in school formation, managing, and supporting the development of private K-12 schools and colleges around the India. We're a consortium of experienced consultants who can advise you in starting, operating, leading, and improving private schools throughout India.

Our mission is “To help you to start and maximize your school's performance to the highest standards of excellence.” Our organisation is committed to providing customized solutions for your School or for any non- -profit organization. We're experienced working on local and major projects in India.

Here is a fact for you...starting a private school requires exceptional planning, preparation, experience, and a commitment to a clear vision. Without a solid foundation and groundwork your structure will collapse. In today's complicated education environment, the need to work smarter and be ready for the first day of school operation is critical and can't be repeated. With proper pre-planning and our expert guidance over a project’s life cycle, we can help founders like you to be better prepared to start the school of your dreams and manage costs and project development efficiently, and establish a school to be proud of.

Our experienced team is already organized and can provide turn-key services (e.g., marketing, accounting, staffing, programming, designing, architecture, planning, procuring, infrastructure). We can develop a better school and have it ready on time and under budget. Get Started Now