About Us

School Management Academy for Research & Training Foundation” known as SMART FOUNDATION is a school management services based in India.
Our services offered towards all schools, teaching and non- teaching staff members, superintendents and school administrators to:

    Incorporate modern techniques for managing the school
    Upgrade the knowledge and skills of the educators.
    Provide cutting-edge knowledge of proactive work plans.
    Promote growth and help the school to accomplish its target through our various services and programmes in a cost-effective manner.
    Develop in-house school management system.
    Incorporate modern techniques for managing the school.

SMART FOUNDATION is committed to provide professional and technical support to all the schools in order to improve their competence. We also plan to further intensify our capacity building activities in the years to come. The administrators and planners will find the services of our organization – innovative, informative, useful and indispensable.